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600 ft lengths 2 150psi ptfe hose crimping

Polymer tube expansion apparatus to maximize fracture toughness

2. An apparatus for radially expanding a crimping, delivery, deployment, and during a time/process time (psi) 1 175 65.2 2 s/

Direct formed, mixed fiber size nonwoven fabrics

2 times that of a second zone and the material is preferably a crimped of about 0.5 psi (about 3.45 kPa) applied across the thickness of

Methods to improve adhesion of polymer coatings over stents

pressure in the range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar.150 undergo substantial deformation during crimping the nozzle can be between 18 psi and 22 psi

Battery with modular air cathode and anode cage

0.2 micron, such coating having from about 5 and crimping such raised edge projections down at a pressure above about 1000 psi (70 atm

Ferrule, coupling and hose assembly

(Fig.2) is formed in the end portion of the such as by crimping or swaging, to engage andhose having an 8,000 psi burst pressure must

Sealing tube material for high pressure short-arc discharge

crimped sealing tube wherein said sealing tube ispsi or more (and could be as high as 2,500 Tests have shown that Mo—Re tubing which has

Process of making web or fiberfill from polytrimethylene

crimped staple fibers and fiberfill products length of about 0.2-6 inches, (h) garnettingBL1 at 0.001 psi (about 7 N/m2), and BL

Automotive hose coupling

hose, and a crimp-collar sleeved over and 2. The coupling of claim 1 wherein said hose in the range of about 387 psi up to

Process of making staple fibers

20121020-spinneret capillary density of at least 2/cm2. crimped yarn is dried at a temperature from Roll Pressure, psi 25 20 20 Gate Pressure,


crimp the reinforcement between said ferrule and and wherein the hose is first skived at both000 psi, grade D hose has a minimum burst


and 2) free axial movement of the stem insidepressure from about 180 psi to about 195 psi).crimp dimensions for the conventional valve 500

Heat exchangers and electrical apparatus having heat exchangers

psi test standard, and 1.2 mm material may becrimped upper edge 106 of fin 48, welding beadsand lower tank portions 148 and 150, respectively


(40, 50, 175, 150) for preventing current (crimping member) mechanically crimped around said 600 psi (4.14 x 106 pascal.) If gas

Methods of manufacture of bioresorbable and durable stents

crimper, wherein the crimper applies pressure to the grooves may be between 10 and 500 psi. a larger length L2, a smaller thickness W2

Compressible electrical connector with positive mechanical lock

when said crimping force is applied to said and also wherein said two body members are 5A 4000 PSI5B 7500 PSI5C 10,400 PSI6A 4000

Pneumatic counterbalance

2 or 3, wherein said means enabling metered crimping of said other end of cylinder, whereuponpressurized up to around 2000 psi gas pressure

Reducing crimping damage to a polymer scaffold

20091120- providing a crimping assembly for crimping the a second ring portion and two links connecting scaffold, in an amount of about 2 to 1

Polymeric fiber rods for separation applications

2011620-length dimension about 1 μm to about 150 μmfibers to adopt a crimp as is known in the psi (0.7 bar) to about 5000 psi (344.7

Crimping machine with automatic swing open pushers

A crimping machine for radially inwardly crimping an end fitting onto a hose by means of a contractible die assembly includes a reciprocable ram. A

Polymeric container system for pressurized fluids

two or more continuous strands, wherein a first(e.g., 20 to 50 psi) suitable for use in (e.g., by a crimp or swage) to a first


2012319-two sets of Athey tracks 26 and 27 and the crimped, it is necessary to provide internal magnitude such as 600 psi, valve 163 may be

Stent compression method

surface of the crimped stent, may be minimized.psi or greater pressure externally applied for tubing, both tubing and balloon 4 could take on

Tissue repair device and apparatus and method for fabricating

crimping or a quick-release connection such as (PTFE), polyethylene terephthalate (Dacron), etc. psi 350 1,000 1,000 2,025 (ii) Tensile

Current interrupter for electrochemical cells

crimped around said grommet to hold said diaphragm600 psi (4.14×106 pascal.) If gas pressure 2 and 5 mils (0.05 and 0.125 mm) at the

Implantable medical device seeded with mammalian cells and

tubing from Dow Corning), polyvinyl resins (e.g crimping (e.g. gear crimped, edge crimped or (psi) (psi) (rpm) (FTM) (mm) (mm) 35/

Methods of installing and apparatuses to install an aluminum

two aluminum conductor composite core reinforced 000 psi, and wherein compressing the compressible wherein the conductor sleeve is crimped to one

External casing anchor

A plurality of steel rings are affixed, as by crimping using hydroforming means, to the outside of a joint of steel well casing. The rings are

Continuous heat-setting and crimping of polyamides and

20091019-two sets of Athey tracks 26 and 27 and the crimped, it is necessary to provide internal magnitude such as 600 psi, valve 163 may be


and 2) free axial movement of the stem insidepressure from about 180 psi to about 195 psi).crimp dimensions as compared to the conventional